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Why Do The Bidens Hate Hunter’s Youngest Daughter?



On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged a simple question regarding President Joe Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his own granddaughter.

When a brave reporter asked if the president recognizes the existence of his granddaughter, the child of his son Hunter. Shockingly, Jean-Pierre offered no explanation. She flat-out refused to acknowledge the question!

Numerous reports have surfaced, shedding light on the truth that Hunter Biden has a 4-year-old daughter residing in rural Arkansas. The young girl is well aware of her father’s identity and recognizes that her grandfather is president. However, she has never had the opportunity to meet either of them.

Hunter Biden and the child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, recently concluded a lengthy court battle over child support. Hunter Biden also adamantly fought against granting his own daughter his family name. How is that even an option when she is DEFINITELY his biological daughter?

Apparently, they’ll do anything to deny this baby girl.

The New York Times report uncovered alarming information about President Biden’s deliberate strategy to deny the existence of his son’s 4-year-old child. Inside closed-door “strategy meetings,” it has been revealed that aides were instructed to portray the Bidens as having six grandchildren, conveniently excluding Hunter’s youngest daughter. This calculated move exposes the fear among the president’s allies that any acknowledgment of Hunter Biden’s troubled past could tarnish his chances of reelection, painting him as a liability in the eyes of some Democrats.

This raises troubling questions about the integrity and honesty of the Biden family. Why does President Biden refuse to embrace his own granddaughter, denying her the opportunity to know her family?

There’s no doubt that Hunter Biden is a huge liability, but is this baby girl really even the tiniest issue compared to Hunter’s bigger problems?

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