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WHAT!? Is Tom Brady Dating Kim Kardashian Now?



Rumors abound today that Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian were extra cozy at the recent Fanatics White Party and that they might be dating. Tom Brady is America’s Prom King and chosen son as well as a Floridian, Patriot, and Donald Trump ally. Kim Kardashian is a criminal justice reform-loving, Trump administration ally (kind of), west coast socialite. They’re both recent divorcees with a lot of baggage and famous exes. 

He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious? 

We all have an opinion about our future King and Queen of America (don’t pretend you don’t. You’re not above it). Here’s what is being said: 

America’s “drunk uncle” Dave is not in favor of Tom and Kim coupling. He does seem to know quite a few specific details about the Kardashian plotline for someone who clearly thinks the family is beneath his admiration.

Some are skeptical that it’s real 

I mean, how would he have the time? 

This guy thinks Tom Brady should not be at parties at all but instead driving tractors  

Some people think Tom dating Kim can only result in his death or gender transition

Though some believe that Tom Brady is the cursebreaker the prophecy has spoken of

Here is my take

One thing is for certain: A lot of people have some pretty delusional takes on their moral credibility versus Kim Kardashians. Whatever Tom Brady chooses for love we support him! 

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