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BREAKING: Fox News Doesn’t Want You To Know THIS Tucker Carlson Interview



During a conversation with actor-turned-podcaster Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson revealed the details of a bombshell interview with Steven Sund, the former Capitol Police chief during the J6 riot.

Sund reportedly told Tucker that, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that crowd was filled with federal agents.”

It’s crucial to note that Sund, who served under Nancy Pelosi, is recognized as a non-political individual. This clearly demonstrates that this information is not originating from a right-wing activist.

Surprisingly, or totally unsurprisingly, Fox News chose not to broadcast this interview.

According to Tucker, the interview was intended for his Fox News show but was mysteriously pulled before it could air. This decision coincided with his unexpected termination.

On May 4, Sund took to Twitter to discuss the interview, stating, “On the day he was fired, @TuckerCarlson was planning to air parts of our 1-hour interview and showcase my book. It was an interview he was excited about and said it ‘made the hair on my arm stand up.’ But Fox canned both Tucker and the interview. Coincidence?”

Adding to the intrigue, a recent testimony by FBI whistleblower George Hill before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government further supports these claims. Hill suggested that the Washington field office may have had agents and sources embedded within the J6 riot.

These revelations raise serious questions about the events surrounding the J6 riot and the role of federal agents in the crowd. The American people deserve transparency and answers. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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