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BREAKING: Donald Trump Proves – Once Again – That He’s A Total Patriot



Last night, Donald Trump held a special screening of the movie “Sound of Freedom” at his golf course in New Jersey. The event was attended by lead actor Jim Caviezel, producer Eduardo Verastegui, and Tim Ballard, the real-life Homeland Security agent on whom the film is based.

After the screening, Trump expressed his gratitude to everyone present and praised their remarkable work.

“Jim, that was truly unbelievable. What an outstanding job!” Trump acknowledged Caviezel’s performance. He then turned his attention to Verastegui and commended him, saying, “You’ve made this the hottest movie anywhere in the world.”

Addressing Tim Ballard, whose work the film is based on, Trump remarked, “And Tim, what a job you did. Someone had to do it.”

Towards the end of the evening, the former president acknowledged the movie’s challenging subject matter, which revolves around child sex trafficking.

“It’s something that I’m not sure you’re supposed to enjoy or learn. It’s a combination. That was a great movie. And now I understand why it is doing so well,” Trump stated. “It’s an incredible inspiration.”

The movie “Sound of Freedom” sheds light on the disturbing issue of child sex trafficking, and its impact on society is evident. Donald Trump’s support for the film and his appreciation for the efforts of those involved are essential in bringing attention to this critical problem and it proves what we’ve known for years now: Donald Trump is an American patriot working for a good cause. As the film continues to make waves, we hope that its message will raise awareness and lead to positive change in combatting this heinous crime.

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