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BOMBSHELL: Did Congress Just Prove Aliens Are Real? 



Today Congress had a hearing on UFOs (now called UAPs) and it doesn’t matter at all what they talked about because what matters is the Biden family corruption story unfolding. Rule of thumb: if the Government is talking about aliens, they don’t want you to notice something else. 

As the House of Representatives considers impeachment hearings for President Joe Biden regarding his potential foreign bribery scheme with his son, Hunter, lots of leftists liars both on social and mainstream media have parroted their scripted talking point asking “Impeach him for what?” 

Luckily, our friends at the Daily Wire put together a tidy timeline of the allegations (proven and otherwise) plaguing the Biden family. When it comes to financial crimes, a detailed timeline is helpful to proving impropriety. Pulling any one of the incidents out of a timeline without the context of the rest can make that incident seem harmless. But thanks to the Daily Wire, all of the transactions are put in sequence which clearly outlines cause for suspicion (at the very least). 

Here are some highlights from the Daily Wire piece. But really, to fully grasp the depths of what might be occurring with the Bidens requires reading the full piece here. 

Vice President Biden seemed pretty involved in some of the exchanges

The Biden family seems to admit that Joe Biden is part of some kind of pay-off in internal communications

Joe Biden’s adamant denials do not seem to line up with key eye witnesses and evidence

It is to be seen if Congress is willing to have an impeach inquiry into Joe Biden. But when all the puzzle pieces are lined up in the appropriate timeline, the situation looks pretty bad. Much more unusual than UFOs. 

Be sure to check out the full story at the Daily Wire. 

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