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YIKES! Mitch McConnell Had A Real “Joe Biden” Moment And It Was BAD



Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell experienced a moment of total brain freeze during a press conference on Wednesday. He struggled to speak for what felt like an eternity before being escorted away from the podium.

This incident certainly threw McConnell for a loop…and into the shark-infested waters of the Twitterverse where many began discussing his age and competency.

Following the mishap, McConnell spoke to the press and revealed that even President Joe Biden took notice of this embarrassing moment. According to McConnell, the President called to check on him, to which he joked, “I told him I got sandbagged.”

McConnell’s reference to “sandbagged” alluded to a previous incident where President Biden claimed he tripped over a sandbag while leaving the stage during the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation exercises in Colorado Springs on June 1.

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