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BREAKING: U.S. Capitol Police Force Proves They’re Still A Bunch Of Idiots



In yet another instance of overreaction and incompetence, Capitol authorities recently triggered a shelter-in-place order and a massive search of Senate office buildings near the U.S. Capitol in response to a baseless 911 call claiming an active shooter situation. As it turns out, it was nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Capitol Police, in their rush to respond without proper verification, needlessly disrupted the daily activities of senators and their staff. The call described a “heavyset Hispanic male wearing body armor” inside the Hart Senate Office Building, and without second-guessing the legitimacy of the claim, they immediately commenced a floor-by-floor search of the three buildings.

As the situation unfolded, it became evident that there was no actual danger to anyone’s safety. No evidence of an active shooter or any danger was found. It is yet another display of their inability to prioritize and focus on genuine threats. Instead, they prefer to engage in reactionary tactics, causing panic and wasting valuable resources.

It’s actually pretty embarrassing to witness such incompetence from those tasked with ensuring our safety and security. This latest episode at the Capitol is yet another reminder of how ineffective our Capitol Police force actually is.

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