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BREAKING: Is The USA Officially A Totalitarian State?



In a recent interview with Newsmax, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson raised concerns about the growing totalitarian tendencies in the United States. Carson expressed his worries in light of yet another criminal indictment of former President Donald Trump, urging citizens to reflect on the future their children and grandchildren will inherit if the Justice Department is weaponized against political adversaries.

Carson emphasized the importance of the Founding Fathers’ vision to limit the expansion of government power and protect the people from an overreaching state. The Constitution provided Congress with oversight over the executive branch, enabling each branch to keep a check on the others. However, when the Justice Department becomes aligned with the executive branch, it compromises the system’s integrity, leaving no recourse against a potentially corrupt administration.

He pointed out that the solution lies in the hands of the informed electorate. Voting for a change in leadership is essential, but it becomes increasingly difficult when the media abandons its duty to deliver unbiased information. The media’s protected status under the Constitution was meant to ensure that it disseminates factual information, allowing the public to stay informed and make sound decisions for the nation’s direction.

Carson stressed that any corrections in the country’s course should be achieved through campaigns and not through legal actions aimed at suppressing opposition. He expressed concern that the Department of Justice might be working in tandem with the executive branch to divert attention from crucial issues, such as the Hunter Biden investigations, which undermines the democratic process.

Preserving liberty requires a vigilant citizenry and an unbiased media. As Americans, we must remain informed and engaged, ensuring that our constitutional principles are upheld, and our nation’s future is safeguarded from the grasp of totalitarianism.

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