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BREAKING: Ron DeSantis Offers New Jobs To Those Fired From Campaign



As you may have heard, Ron DeSantis recently terminated one-third of his campaign staff.

Due to federal law restrictions, former campaign staffers are not allowed to join a political action committee for a minimum of 120 days after leaving a campaign. To provide an alternative option, DeSantis offered tax-payer-funded jobs to some of these former staffers.

According to Axios, James Uthmeier, DeSantis’ official chief of staff in the governor’s office, reached out to former campaign staffers and encouraged them to apply for positions in his office. This move came in the wake of DeSantis laying off about three dozen staffers in an attempt to cut costs for the campaign, which has been facing persistent challenges. (WONDER WHY?!)

The situation is raising concerns about conflicts of interest, and rightfully so.

The staffers who couldn’t be supported by the flailing campaign’s donors are now being paid by Florida taxpayers! Consequently, there’s a possibility that many of the new hires in the governor’s office may not be native Floridians, but recent arrivals to the state. A lot of them are actually from DC. (Ew!)

Such practices are not uncommon in politics, but it’s always pretty gross.

Hate to see it.

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