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WHAT?! Obama Biographer Reveals Shocking Fantasies From The Former President



Well, well, well, it seems like the biographer extraordinaire, David Garrow, decided it was time to spill the tea on a hidden chapter from the life of President Barack Obama. Brace yourselves, because Garrow’s interview, hot off the press, takes us deep into the vaults of history. It turns out that even Obama has his fair share of eyebrow-raising tales!

In this discussion with Tablet magazine, Garrow revealed intriguing details about Obama’s past. He delves into a letter penned the former president, to his then-girlfriend. Apparently they both shared lot of secrets. While some sections of the letter have been redacted, Garrow affirmed that Obama’s letter pertained to the topic of “homosexuality.”

The letter’s existence was first brought to public attention when a copy was furnished by the ex-girlfriend. However, she chose to withhold a particular paragraph, alluding to its sensitivity on the matter of homosexuality. This little piece of history, linked to Obama’s introspections, was eventually acquired by Emory University.

Interestingly, Emory University initially announced the possession of these remarkable letters, coinciding with the release of Garrow’s 2017 biography, “Rising Star,” which explored Obama’s personal journey. Notably absent from their disclosure was any reference to the concealed paragraph. Media outlets and the university itself remained silent about this aspect.

Garrow’s persistence and determination to uncover the truth led him to consult Harvey Klehr, an expert familiar with Emory’s archives. Klehr’s attempts to document the concealed segment were met with restrictions, as he was denied permission to capture photographs. Despite these challenges, Klehr diligently transcribed the paragraph in question. This particular passage reveals Obama’s candid reflections on his fantasies involving relationships with other men.

SHOCKING, right?

But why wouldn’t Obama WANT to tell the truth about this? Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing that makes you EXTRA ICONIC in liberal circles? Why so much mystery?

Guess we’ll have to wait for more.

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