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The Best And Cringiest Reactions To The Trump Arraignment In DC



President Donald Trump arrived in D.C. on August 3rd to be arraigned for his ridiculous, poorly written and bad faith invented indictment from the most arrogant, immoral, political boot since J. Edgar Hoover, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. 

The scene of his arrival was as chaotic as one would expect considering the nature and profile of the case. But plenty of people both on the ground and at home at some takes. 

Here are the best and worst reactions to the Trump arraignment in DC: 

Best: Weird that security seems so easy at times and so hard at others…

Cringiest: Biden putting out this particular campaign ad at the exact moment he tries to jail his political opponent 

Cringiest: Honestly why can’t these people meme even a little? Do they really just not get what is funny? Its sad.

Best: Vivek is the only candidate other than Trump who appears to have a backbone 

Best: Whoever brought these flags are both hilarious and incredible humans

Cringiest: Lol clowns

Best: *chefs kiss* 

Cringiest: WOW BRAVE

Best: The Trump 2024 campaign team did not miss

Cringiest: Do Nobel Peace Prize winners often drone strike their own citizens without a trial? Or just this one?

And finally the best of the best reaction of the day is from the man himself.