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BREAKING: FBI Kills Utah Man Who Made Controversial Posts On Social Media



FBI agents have shot and killed a man who allegedly made threats against President Biden on social media.

Sources from federal law enforcement informed Fox News that a man named Craig Robertson was fatally shot when FBI agents attempted to carry out an arrest and search warrant at a house in Provo, Utah. This happened on Wednesday, around 6:15 a.m.

Prosecutors claim that Robertson had posted the following message on social media on Monday: “I heard Biden is coming to Utah. I’m getting my old ghille suit and cleaning the dust off my m24 sniper rifle. Welcome, [sic] buffoon-in-chief!”

A spokesperson for the FBI has stated that they are currently investigating the incident. A source from law enforcement also told Fox News Digital that the individual had a weapon.

This whole situation raises many concerns for those of us who value Freedom of Speech.

Why did the FBI go to this man’s house due to a social media post?

Was he truly a real threat?

Did the presence of armed law enforcement lead the situation to escalate irreparably?

Do we support the death penalty, without a trial, for a man who posted controversial statements on social media?

WHY is this happening now?

These are really dark times.

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