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Unfiltered Anthem of the Forgotten: Virginia Man’s Viral Ode to Working Class Resonates Nationwide



Well, well, well, look who just skyrocketed to stardom faster than a politician breaking campaign promises! A young buck from Virginia, Oliver Anthony, ain’t holding back any punches in his viral video that’s giving voice to hardworking folks sick and tired of D.C.’s power-hungry shenanigans.

Brace yourselves, folks, because Oliver Anthony, the renegade farmer living off the grid, is stepping up with his guitar and three loyal hounds by his side. It’s like he’s single-handedly speaking up for millions of fed-up Americans – especially the young guns out there – who’ve had enough of the Big Brother government raking in the moolah from their sweat while stomping on their dreams.

They’re calling it “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and oh boy, it’s got the suits in D.C. sweating more than a turkey on Thanksgiving. In his good ol’ country style, Anthony croons, “Them rich folks north of Richmond, they’re all about the control game. Wanna know your every move, every thought – like we’re dumb as a rock. But trust me, honey, we’re way ahead of the curve.”

The lyrics don’t sugarcoat it – our world’s become a hot mess, and hard-working folks like Anthony are sick of the whole darn show. He’s layin’ it all out, callin’ out the freeloader system that rewards laziness and takes a wrecking ball to sweat equity. And he isn’t playing. Just listen to the song!

Anthony’s sending a message. And we’re listening.