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BREAKING: Does Joe Biden Really Hate America THIS Much?



While the Aloha State was burning, where was Biden’sconcern for the people of Hawaii? Nowhere to be found!

Instead, he’s been busy shoveling money across the ocean to Ukraine. Rob Schneider, the no-nonsense comedian we all know and love, didn’t hold back when he called out this blatant disregard for our own citizens.

In a scorching tweet, Schneider didn’t mince words: “Biden hates Americans.” And honestly, can you blame him for thinking that? When asked about the devastating Maui fires, all we got from Biden was a dismissive “no comment.” Seriously? That’s the best you’ve got? It’s like he couldn’t be bothered to care about Americans losing their homes – and many people losing their lives.

After the backlash, Joe went into damage control mode. Suddenly, he released a plan! A generous “one-time $700 payment per household” for the survivors of the Maui fires. Gee, thanks, Mr. President. I’m sure that $700 will really help those families rebuild their lives after losing everything. Not to mention, that “generous” payout amounts to a measly $1.9 million. Chump change compared to Biden’s usual spending habits, really.

He has absolutely no problem sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. Tens of billions. We sent $113 billion to Ukraine in 2022 alone. Ukraine. But for Hawaii? Take your $700 and shut up!

It’s no wonder that former President Donald Trump couldn’t hold back his criticism.

In a video that hit the internet like a lightning bolt, Trump called out Biden for his unbelievably insensitive “no comment” response. And let’s be honest, he’s got a point. Biden’s lack of leadership and empathy is truly something to behold.

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