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BREAKING: Top 5 Moments From President Trump’s Interview With Tucker Carlson



Last night, President Trump skipped the debate and sat down with Tucker Carlson for an exclusive interview.

It. Was. Amazing.

Here are the top 5 moments.

  1. When President Trump got straight to the point about the indictments against him. “It’s bullshit.”
  1. When Tucker and Trump took turns bashing Chris Wallace and Tucker called Chris a “bitchy little man.”
  1. When Tucker straight-up asked Trump if Epstein killed himself, and Trump pretty much implied that – hey – if he was Epstein, he probably would have.
  1. When Trump dropped this beautiful line that perfectly describes Biden. “Biden is the most corrupt president we’ve ever had, and he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent.”
  1. When Trump ROASTED the hypocrits on the left who never indicted Democrats for saying and doing much worse than Trump ever did!

The whole interview is actually pretty amazing. You can join the 176 million viewers who have already tuned in and watch it here.