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BREAKING: California’s Latest Attack On Parental Rights Is Too WOKE To Even Believe



Things are just getting too woke to even believe.

In a recent development, the Attorney General of California has taken legal action against a local school district in an attempt to counter a policy that requires teachers to inform parents if their children express a transgender identity or if they prefer a name or pronoun that differs from what is stated on their birth certificates while at school. (A completely reasonable request…)

Rob Bonta, the California Attorney General, has filed a lawsuit in the San Bernardino County Superior Court. His argument centers on the assertion that the policy, sanctioned by the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education in July, encroaches upon the civil rights of LGBTQ students.

Bonta, a member of the Democratic Party, stated, “The forced outing policy wrongfully endangers the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of non-conforming students who lack an accepting environment in the classroom and at home.”

Andi Johnston, spokesperson for the school district, which caters to around 26,000 students and is situated about 35 miles to the east of Los Angeles, conveyed that they are collaborating with legal advisors to thoroughly assess the contents of the lawsuit.

This lawsuit is notable as it marks the first such action taken by Bonta after several school districts in more conservative enclaves of the predominantly liberal state adopted similar policies requiring parental disclosure.

The Chino Valley school board, composed of members like Sonja Shaw, a Republican with vocal support for the policy, approved the policy last month. Shaw even made appearances on Fox News to advocate for the “right to be involved in our children’s upbringing.”

Under this policy, parents would also be informed if their child participated in sex-segregated school sports or used facilities that don’t correspond with their biological sex. Additionally, any requests by students to modify information in their records would trigger parental notification.

Bonta’s lawsuit asserts that this policy contravenes the California Constitution by violating students’ equal protection rights. He contends that the policy unfairly discriminates against transgender and gender nonconforming students, subjecting them to differential and unfavorable treatment.

The lawsuit also posits that the policy infringes upon the affected students’ constitutional right to privacy. It does so by compelling school officials to disclose private information against the students’ wishes, which, according to the lawsuit, contradicts state anti-discrimination laws.

In essence, the lawsuit seeks a court order to prevent the district from implementing the policy and to declare it as legally unsound because THEY DON’T THINK PARENTS DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THIER KIDS.

This is absolutely absurd.

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