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SHOCKING!: Trump’s Trial for Election Interference Set Right Before Super Tuesday Showdown!



Big news: The trial about whether Former President Trump interfered in the federal election is set to begin on March 4, 2024. What’s interesting is that this date comes right before Super Tuesday, which is a really important day when Republicans in 14 states vote for their favorite person to represent them.

Trump’s lawyers asked for a later start, like in April 2026, because they have to go through a massive 12.8 million pages of evidence. But the people trying the case wanted it to start sooner, by January 2, 2024. The judge in charge, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, ended up choosing March 4.

It’s worth mentioning that Judge Chutkan got her job during the time when Obama was president. She’s known for giving harsh punishments to people linked to the January 6th events. What’s curious is that her views on what happened with the BLM protests in the summer of 2020 seem different from how she’s handling the January 6th cases.

Former President Trump himself is worried that the judge might be unfair because she doesn’t like him. He wrote on his Truth Social platform: “Today a biased, Trump Hating Judge gave me only a two-month extension, just what our corrupt government wanted, SUPER TUESDAY. I will APPEAL!”

What’s even more interesting is that all four times Trump is being charged with a crime are happening right in the middle of the time when Republicans are choosing their candidate for the big election in the first half of 2024.

Mark your calendars for a series of high-stakes trials: on March 4, 2024, there’s a trial for contesting the fairness of the election and another trial in Georgia for the same reason; then, on March 25, 2024, a trial in New York centers around an agreement with Stormy Daniels; finally, on May 20, 2024, a trial unfolds concerning undisclosed documents.

Are these Trump trials all election interference?

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