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WOW! This Is The Most Shocking Video Of The Week



In a heartbreaking incident down in Mexico, a gender reveal celebration turned into a nightmare as a plane, meant to add excitement to the occasion, fell from the sky.

The unfortunate incident unfolded in San Pedro, Sinaloa, where a young couple were celebrating the reveal of their baby’s gender. A video that made the rounds on Twitter captured the crash, the expectant parents, and the reaction of the attendees.

Almost immediately following the plane’s grand entrance where it painted the sky in pink smoke, it took an unexpected dive. The aircraft spiraled out of control and then crashed into a nearby field.

What’s truly shocking is that the onlookers, despite recording the crash, seemed oblivious to it. The crowd continued cheer for the couple. The couple even shared a kiss for the camera while the plane went down!

The pilot, identified as 32-year-old Luis Ángel N, tragically lost his life.

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