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BREAKING: Is Kamala Harris MISSING In Action?



Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the disturbing truth about Vice President Kamala Harris and her shocking lack of commitment to the American people!

A recent analysis by the Daily Caller has uncovered a staggering revelation: Vice President Kamala Harris has had a remarkable 27 workdays with absolutely nothing on her public schedule since the launch of the Biden-Harris reelection campaign. Yes, you read that correctly, 27 days of inactivity while our nation grapples with pressing challenges!

But the issue doesn’t end there. Even on the rare occasions when she does make an appearance on the public stage, it’s a pitiful display of minimal effort. Harris’s so-called “schedule” often consists of just a single event for the entire day. I mean, honestly? This includes mundane activities like having lunch with President Joe Biden, receiving briefings, and socializing with foreign leaders. Is this the level of leadership we can expect from someone who was supposed to inject energy and vitality into the office?

Let’s not forget how Harris was prominently featured as a central figure in the Biden-Harris reelection campaign, taking center stage on their website and in their launch video. However, what have we witnessed since then? We’ve seen a vice president who conspicuously disappears during critical moments, only emerging to hitch a ride on the president’s activities.

In May, Harris had the audacity to leave her schedule empty for five weekdays! For a shocking nine days of the month, she had only one event on her calendar, ranging from mundane morning briefings to casual brunches with foreign dignitaries. Is this the kind of leadership that the Biden-Harris administration stands for?

And let’s not even get started on her lackluster schedule for June and July. It’s abundantly clear that she’s more interested in attending concerts and cozy interviews than in addressing the real issues confronting our nation.

August was no exception, as Harris leisurely took a nine-day vacation while our country grappled with crises. It’s truly astonishing how she can simply vanish when the going gets tough, leaving Americans in the lurch.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of this entire debacle is the resounding silence emanating from Harris’s office and the Biden-Harris campaign. They have deliberately chosen to ignore our inquiries about her public schedule, underscoring their disdain for transparency and accountability.

Let’s also not forget that President Biden is no better in this regard. He, too, was conspicuously absent during this crucial campaign, embarking on not one but two week-long vacations in August, setting a personal record for time away from the Oval Office.

It’s high time that we demand more from our leaders. The American people deserve better than this lackluster and apathetic display of leadership. We must hold Kamala Harris and Joe Biden accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, and demand that they prioritize the well-being of our nation over their personal leisure pursuits.

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