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BREAKING: Biden Is Planning To Skip Out On 9/11 Events And You Won’t Believe Why



Yikes! The Biden White House is officially considering the possibility of President Biden only participating “virtually” in next week’s 9/11 commemoration.

They claim it’s due to COVID. Conveniently, Jill tested positive this week, and there’s a chance Biden might contract it next week, allowing him to avoid public events!

However, if I were to speculate, this proposed virtual meeting likely has more to do with Biden’s occasional off-script moments during public appearances than a COVID risk assessment.

But if we’re truly immersed in this COVID situation, well, Biden has another thing coming if he believes we’ll just passively accept another round of restrictions without voicing our concerns.

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  3. Tim Shep

    September 8, 2023 at 11:04 am

    Here we go again a COVID lockdown right before an election and China Jpe will be campaigning from his basement and steal another election.

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  8. Mixi Boern

    September 8, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    It’s another “think”, not THING!!!

  9. Char

    September 8, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    This is total BULL. Biden had already declined an appearance for the 9/11 memorial BEFORE Jill was diagnosed with Covid. Guess they thought we’d miss that.

  10. Patriot

    September 8, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    Look anything Biden likes open the borders and allowing murder by on purpose negligence of 100,000 youthful Americans annually. Over 300 dying daily from the drug fentanyl carried over the open borders by our some of the welcome without identification invaders. You got to understand the democrats running this nation think getting invaded and having children murdered is an honor to help their party,. Yes, if the Democratic Party who steal money with insider information and rule us through fear is ok , since they do it for us, the people. Look the FBI arrest critics of the democratic Marxist party because a secret criminal goon police force are certainly essential to free Marxist democracy ruled under leaders from a rigged elections. Watch Sec of Homeland Security Chief and his assistants laugh in the faces of crying parents who had their children murdered by their supported open borders f fentanyl. While begging them to close their borders of death to save our youth, they laugh in their faces, but they do not give a fart we must accept the invasion and the countless murdered by the their open borders. No matter how many they have murdered they will continue the invasion. The treasonous deadly criminals running our national illegally made campaign money from the war in Ukraine by laundering it through the corrupt Ukraine government back to their re-campaigns funds. Why, because they do that for you silly, they steal money because it benefits us. Beijing Biden the Chinese CCP employee of the year, sold information or favors to our enemies, but absolutely no laws apply to the family. However if a critic has a wet fart in his pants, after being a critic of the illegal government, the corrupt two tier DOJ will prosecute them under a specially made plan to save democracy By arresting their opponents and allowing their fellow criminals to walk away after mass murders of our people knowing no one can touch party members, now that Is true democracy, only Hitler might practice. America is a shit hole now , the democratic party’s Marxist version of a Utopia they created.. I do not know about you, but the next rigged election will be a great celebration maybe the democrats might fired up their communist deadly armies to murder any protestors of the illegal regime using their communist armies of terrorist blm and Antifa . Wow did you ever think things could be this good? When Soros bought one party propaganda brain waging news you realize the scum in charge gave us democracy North Korean style. Look open borders alone is an act of deadly treason that murders our people and their undocumented no one who did this to us should walk away laughing, like they did after the Russian collusion pretend accusation with fake evidence an evil government created without fear of equal justice in federal courts which does not exist. A comment to the democrats a mixed statement, we say with pride, from a hero and an enemy Marxist., “ free at last, free at last, dear democrats don’t shove your communist broom stick quickly up my ass.” When the government murders children without a care, to continue an invasion, with no fear of prosecution, you know how free you really are.

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