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BREAKING: Are They ACTUALLY Indicting Hunter Biden?



After the recent unraveling of Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal, Special Counsel David Weiss has taken a decisive step, announcing his intention to indict the first son by the end of September.

In a move that raised eyebrows, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice initially extended an offer to Hunter, which would have granted him leniency with just two misdemeanors and no jail time. However, that chapter appears to be closing as Weiss prepares to bring forward the new indictment.

This development emerged from a statement by Weiss to the federal court in Delaware, where he made it clear that “The Government intends to seek the return of an indictment in this case.” The charges Weiss is expected to bring against Hunter include the use of a banned substance and providing false information on a 2018 federal firearms application. During that period, Hunter was grappling with a debilitating addiction to crack cocaine, a troubling fact that cannot be ignored.

It’s essential to note that the maximum sentence for these crimes is a staggering 10 years behind bars. Hunter and his legal team are now arguing that the original agreement, wherein Hunter would avoid jail time if he remained drug-free, should still hold since he has adhered to it thus far.

However, in the larger context of Hunter’s legal woes, these firearm-related charges appear somewhat insignificant. What truly deserves punishment are his involvement in accepting bribes from foreign entities, operating as an unregistered foreign agent, and his substantial tax violations.

Now, it’s important to clarify that these particular allegations against Hunter do not directly implicate Joe Biden in any wrongdoing. Compared to the wider web of potential corruption that surrounds Joe and Hunter and their work together, this is all a distraction. The silver lining here is that these developments have no bearing on the ongoing House investigation into the Biden family’s alleged corruption, where they are meticulously examining Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s questionable foreign business dealings.

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