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BREAKING: Biden’s Open Borders Agenda Wins In Court And Here’s Why It’s REALLY Bad News



In yet another example of federal overreach, a liberal activist judge has ordered the great state of Texas to remove vital barriers it had placed in the Rio Grande River to protect its borders from the influx of illegal immigrants. This outrageous order came at the behest of the Biden administration, which has shown time and again that it prioritizes open borders over the safety and security of American citizens.

Earlier this summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took decisive action by deploying floating buoys as part of Operation Lone Star, a necessary response to the Biden border crisis that is wreaking havoc on our nation. This particular border sector had the unfortunate distinction of witnessing approximately 270,000 illegal crossings in 2023 alone, marking it as the second-highest sector for such incidents.

In a blatant display of political bias, the Biden regime filed a lawsuit against the Lone Star State in July, baselessly alleging that these barriers somehow posed humanitarian and environmental threats. District Court Judge David Ezra, seemingly more interested in appeasing the liberal agenda than upholding the rule of law, sided with Biden and issued a troubling order directing Texas to remove the barriers by September 15. Additionally, the order prohibits the state from taking any similar protective measures in the future.

Thankfully, Governor Abbott is not backing down in the face of this judicial activism. He has announced his intention to appeal this misguided ruling, rightly asserting, “Texas is rightfully stepping up to do the job that the federal government should have been doing all along. This ruling is incorrect and will be overturned on appeal.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Governor Abbott should consider taking even more assertive action to protect the sovereignty of Texas. It’s high time he declares a state of “invasion” along the border with Mexico, a measure well within his rights under Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. This would enable Texas to invoke self-defense powers, allowing the state to protect itself in the event that the federal government fails in its duty to safeguard our borders. Under such a declaration, Texas law enforcement could take necessary steps to apprehend and remove anyone crossing the border illegally.

This sound and constitutional approach was first proposed by the esteemed conservative nonprofit organization, the Center for Renewing America, and it was also a central tenet of Kari Lake’s 2022 campaign for Arizona Governor. It’s time for Texas to stand strong and defend its borders against the lawlessness that the Biden administration is allowing to fester.

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