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FACT CHECK: Is Mitch McConnell Hiding A Serious Health Condition?



Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent episodes of freezing up have certainly raised some concerns, and even though the attending physician of Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan, has stated that there is “no evidence” of certain health issues, the skepticism remains.

In his public letter to McConnell, Dr. Monahan emphasized, “There is no evidence that you have a seizure disorder or that you experienced a stroke, TIA or movement disorder such as Parkinson’s disease.” This statement comes after a battery of medical tests, including a brain MRI, EEG study, and consultations with multiple neurologists, all aimed at determining the root cause of these episodes.

The fact remains that Senator McConnell has experienced two of these freezing episodes in the public eye, with the most recent incident occurring while he was answering questions from reporters in Kentucky. The timing of these incidents has undoubtedly raised questions about the 81-year-old’s health.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that McConnell suffered a concussion in March following a fall at a Washington hotel, leading to several days in the hospital and subsequent inpatient rehabilitation. While his spokesperson attributed the recent episodes to momentary lightheadedness and dehydration, not all Republicans are convinced.

Senator Rand Paul, who is also a physician, expressed skepticism, stating that “blaming it on dehydration was an inadequate explanation.” He pointed out that, in his medical opinion, it appeared to be a focal neurologic event, which raises legitimate concerns about Senator McConnell’s fitness for office.

Despite Dr. Monahan’s assurance that McConnell is “medically clear to continue with his schedule as planned,” the doubts persist among some in the Republican party. Paul emphasized, “With my medical background, this is not dehydration. There’s something else going on.”

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