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Mind-Blowing Gaffe: Did Joe Biden Just Admit to a Phantom Senate Election in Philadelphia



It’s becoming increasingly difficult for conservatives like myself to ignore the concerning signs surrounding Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

At a recent campaign event, the President made a statement that left many of us scratching our heads. He confidently asserted, “I wouldn’t have been elected to the United States Senate in the first place were it not for Philadelphia! That’s not a joke.”

The problem with this statement is glaringly obvious to anyone with even a basic knowledge of Joe Biden’s political career. He wasn’t elected to the United States Senate by the people of Philadelphia; he was elected by the people of Delaware, where he served for a disgusting 36 years. How could the President of the United States make such a fundamental and easily verifiable mistake?

This gaffe raises legitimate questions about Biden’s mental acuity and whether he is fit for the highest office in the land. It’s not the first time he’s made puzzling statements or struggled to recall basic information. We’ve seen instances where he’s forgotten the name of his Defense Secretary, misidentified his wife as his sister, and confused his son with his deceased son. These are not merely harmless slip-ups; they are indicative of a more significant issue.

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