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Biden’s Border Nightmare: Eagle Pass Declares State of Emergency as Illegal Immigrant Surge Skyrockets!



Eagle Pass, Texas, finds itself in the throes of an unprecedented surge in illegal immigration, prompting the city to declare a state of emergency while the Biden administration appears to turn a blind eye to the crisis.

Here are the staggering numbers: A jaw-dropping 4,000 undocumented individuals crossed into the city just yesterday, adding to the already substantial influx of 2,500 on Monday and 7,200 the week prior. To put it into perspective, this is the most substantial surge since the summer of 2021, when 15,000 Haitian immigrants overwhelmed Del Rio. In the past five days alone, border agents have encountered a staggering 45,000 illegal entrants breaching the U.S. border. Although official statistics have not been released, some sources suggest that there were approximately 230,000 such encounters in August, potentially making it the most challenging month of 2023 in terms of border security.

Mayor Rolando Salinas voiced his concerns, highlighting that a significant portion of these immigrants comprises single males from Venezuela who seem to disregard instructions and strain local resources. To make matters worse, there are reports of another 4,000 to 8,000 migrants making their way toward the city.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently asserted during a press briefing that Joe Biden has taken more significant steps to secure the border than any of his predecessors, which, given the circumstances, may raise a few eyebrows.

In response to this alarming surge, former President Trump made a promise yesterday that, if re-elected, he would initiate what he described as “the most extensive domestic deportation operation in American history.”

So, what lies ahead? Eagle Pass has declared a state of emergency, a necessary step to apply for federal and state aid. However, the situation seems far from being resolved, underscoring the significance of the upcoming 2024 election for addressing this and numerous other pressing issues facing our nation.

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