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BREAKING: We Don’t Need UNITY In Congress And Here’s Why…



There’s no lack of unity in Congress. 

The real problem is that these guys are are getting along” a long TOO WELL. 


They’re getting along with eachother. With lobbyists. With banks. With foreign governments. With Big business. They’re really Getting along GREAT with big pharma!

You don’t pass trillion dollars spending bills cause you just couldn’t find compromise.

It’s not a lack of bipartisanship that brought us trillion dollars debt and endless war.

It’s finding “middle ground” that gave us countless friendships in the Capitol building that haVE led to massive corruption. It’s bipartisan efforts that cover up for the insider trading -on both sides – that makes these guys rich while Americans struggle.

So when I see all these calls UNITY I have to laugh. unity isn’t what we need right now. The word you’re looking for is accountability.