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UNBELIEVABLE! BLM Supporters Stay Firm on Hamas Support – But Why?



Black Lives Matter issued a statement this week expressing support for Hamas following the recent violent incidents in Israel. 

One might expect such a stance to generate substantial criticism and backlash. However, the reality is a bit more complex.

A recent report from Media Intelligence Group (MIG), a startup specializing in online discussion monitoring, has revealed that BLM supporters are standing firm in their support for the organization. Apparently, supporting an organization accused of all sorts of unspeakable deeds, like rape and murder, didn’t even make them flinch.

The report suggests that those already on the BLM bandwagon see some sort of kindred spirit in their pals in Hamas. They’re arguing, “the fight against oppression and discrimination should be universal.”  

Before one loses faith in humanity, it’s worth noting that BLM did face criticism as well. A glance at the MIG sentiment chart reveals a recent decline in BLM’s approval rating, dropping from a peak of 45% on October 6th to 37% today. This dip is attributed to individuals on the right and those supporting Israel who are none-too-pleased with BLM’s recent statement, accusing the organization of unnecessary meddling in international affairs and espousing what they consider “repulsive anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

So, what’s the result of this online brawl? Well, “BLM” managed to make it into the top three online discussion topics this week, right alongside “Israel” and “Hamas.” 

The entire conversation serves as yet another poignant illustration of the deep-seated divisions of our current political landscape. 

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