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Do you know how many United States war ships have been deployed to Israel?



Spoiler: It’s not two. It’s just two carriers with an entire fleet of support ships. It’s between 14 and 20 (depending on reports, intelligence and how you define “deployed” or “Israel”). 

The United States has not launched any offensive with Israel against Hamas/Palestine at this time but we have lined up our fleet to prepare for such a launch. The U.S. has enough fire power off the coast of Israel (and other strategic locations) to out gun even a medium sized war power like Iran.

President Biden has said the mission of these war vessels is to “deter any escalating hostilities against Israel or the United States” but it seems odd how little the media has been reporting on the volume of resources America has sent just outside the battlegrounds considering the interest. If you asked most parties, they’d think only 2,000 servicemen and women on two ships had been sent because that is the number the mainstream media has repeated conveniently failed to mention that represents only one facet of a larger strike force operation. 

Just one of the 14 vessels in the area carries 90 aircraft (not counting unmanned vehicles like drones) and 5,000 servicemen. This vessel is escorted by several missile carriers, destroyers, landing vessels, and more almost all carrying at least one Air Force supported aircraft. 

All told, there are a couple of hundred U.S. war aircraft currently deployed as “deterrent and rescue” in the war effort in Israel. 

For context, Iran has about 350 total craft (depending on reports) in it’s entire arsenal and a lot of those are decades old. The number one largest air force  in the world is the United States Air Force with about  5,200 aircraft. The second largest air force in the world is the United States Navy with about  2,300 aircraft. Finally another country makes the list at number three, the Russian air force with 3,652 craft but a significant amount not usable (unlike the US Navy). 

United States military aircraft have already engaged with Palestinian allies in the region regardless of the status of official conflict.

The British Royal Navy has sent it’s fleet to support the United States and Israel. 

Hopefully the point is well made and the U.S. servicemen and women and hundreds of billions of dollars represented in those deployed vessels are not lost to the conflict at hand. 

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