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Was Travis or Jason Kelce the true star of the Chiefs v Bills game?



Over the weekend the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Buffalo Bills in the NFL playoffs. It was an extremely close game with multiple trades of game leadership and a pretty wild second half complete with punt fakes, fumbles and rare touch backs. 

Chiefs tight end and pop culture star, Travis Kelce, scored two touchdowns aiding his team in a 3 point, nail biting victory against the Bills (sorry to the Bills who have had an absolutely incredible season). The victory sends the Chiefs to the AFC title game next week which is the last game between them and a Super Bowl appearance. 

Normally, Travis’s number 1 high profile fan is his mega-famous girl friend, Taylor Swift. But at this week’s game, it was Travis’s brother Jason Kelce (center for the Philadelphia Eagles) that was the media favorite. 

Jason, who last week lost with the Eagles against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is done with football for the season and possibly for the rest of his career. He apparently decided to take full advantage of his time off and have the time of his life supporting his brother at the game. 

It wasn’t long before Jason was caught on camera (broadcast and spectator) shirtless and chugging beers going absolutely wild for his brother as well as interacting with both Bills and Chiefs fans (all of whom LOVE Jason Kelce as does everyone in America). 

Notably, though Jason Kelce enjoyed significant screen time and took a lot of attention away from an already exciting game and his behavior was beyond ‘extra’, he has not received any of the negative feedback from football gatekeepers that Taylor Swift receives for the crimes of cheering, hugging and dancing in support of her boyfriend. Perhaps a new leaf has been turned? Or perhaps the double standard is as glaring as it seems. 

Here are all of Jason’s best moments at the game: 

When he demonstrated how sweet little girls are at football games by lifting a little Bills fan up to meet her hero, Chiefs Fan, Taylor Swift.

Here is him climbing out the box window to reach the little girl because there is nothing too inconvenient for a dad of daughters.

When he unleashed his full beastly joy and got in touch with the primal self we all wish we could listen too more often.

When his wife Kylie was spotted looking amused and nonplussed over her husband’s enthusiasm. 

When he upstaged even the media queen herself by sitting behind her shirtless just existing in his personhood. 

When he was chugging beers with Bills fans (despite being there for the Chiefs obviously) and everything thought it was awesome. 

When he joined the bowling ball related festivities of the Bills tailgate.

When he took a video selfie with these Taylor Swift fans who also love him and his brother. 

When his wife decided to pull him out of the Bills water because she cares. 

When he got back in the box and showed that he was strong as heck. 

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