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BREAKING: Bill Belichick Is No Longer A Patriot



The famed Head Coach of the New England Patriots and inventor of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, has announced he is retiring after 23 years as Head Coach for the Patriots (the longest of any current coaches in the NFL). Belichick has been an NFL coach since 1975 when he started with the Baltimore Colts as a special assistant making $25 a week. As a coach, he’s won 8 Super Bowls which is the most of any coach of all time and he won 6 of those as Head Coach for the Patriots which is also the most of all time. He also holds the record for most appearances at the Super Bowl as a coach and Head Coach at 12 and 9 respectively. Bill Belichick will go down in history as one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time if not the greatest of all time much like his prodigy, Tom Brady. 

On top of his undeniably outstanding coaching, Belichick is partially responsible for the careers of many other iconic coaches. Beloved Alabama coach (who also just announced his retirement) Nick Saban was once an assistance for Belichick as well as Mike Vrabel who had a tough 2023 season as Head Coach for the Tennessee Titans but still has a winning record overall and is a well respected coach who most analysts believe will land at another team in the 2024 season (perhaps even the Patriots). 

While he never worked for Belichick, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, whose win record is creeping closer to Belichick every season he continues on, said that Bill Belichick “raised him” when it came to the NFL. 

Belichick isn’t just a Patriot. He’s a patriot. A friend of Donald Trump who even went as far as to endorse him in 2016, Belichick was awarded a well deserved Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2021 which he was pressured to decline by Massachutes lawmakers who disliked President Trump. 

Whatever his retirement plans may be, be it a beach in south Florida with his best friend Tom Brady or finding his way out of retirement to coach another NFL team, the team at Free Press Fail wish him very well. 

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