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BREAKING: New Poll Shows Major Swing State Trend



In a recent poll by Bloomberg and Morning Consult, Trump’s got everyone talking with a major lead over Biden in all seven swing states. Check out the numbers from the 4,956 registered voters surveyed between January 16-22:

  • Wisconsin: Trump 49%, Biden 44% (+5)
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 48%, Biden 45% (+3)
  • Nevada: Trump 48%, Biden 40% (+8)
  • Georgia: Trump 49%, Biden 41% (+8)
  • Michigan: Trump 47%, Biden 42% (+5)
  • North Carolina: Trump 49%, Biden 39% (+10)
  • Arizona: Trump 47%, Biden 44% (+3)

Talk about a comeback! Some of these leads are off the charts, politically speaking.

And that’s not all – the same poll says a whopping 61% of swing state voters blame Biden for the southern border crisis. Ouch!

Zooming out to the bigger picture, the Real Clear Politics polling average puts Trump ahead nationally at 47.1%, while Biden’s at 44.6%. Looks like Trump’s making waves from coast to coast

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