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EXPLOSIVE: Biden Accuser Drops $10M Bombshell Lawsuit Against DOJ



Recent developments in the legal battle surrounding Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, could spell trouble for the Biden administration. Reade is now suing the Department of Justice (DOJ), alleging civil rights violations and a deliberate suppression of her assault claims during Biden’s time in the Senate.

In 1993, Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her while she worked as a staff assistant in his Senate office. The case gained renewed attention in 2020, and now, Reade is seeking $10 million in damages, claiming that her assault was “suppressed by Congressional investigators to protect Senator Biden.”

Reade’s lawsuit against the DOJ alleges a range of misconduct, including FBI surveillance, property seizure, harassment, intimidation, coercion, invasion of privacy, and other unconstitutional activities. The crux of her claim revolves around the assertion that her assault was purposefully hidden to safeguard Biden’s political career.

Reade contends that the FBI surveilled her, pointing to a grand jury subpoena issued to Twitter in July 2020, demanding all of her private records related to her accounts. This revelation raises questions about the extent of government involvement in silencing Reade and adds a layer of complexity to her already controversial allegations.

The lawsuit includes additional accusations against the FBI, including suspicious disruptions in Reade’s bank accounts and the disappearance of a manuscript of her book from a FedEx shipment. The press release announcing the suit suggests that the FBI’s alleged operation, codenamed ‘Cassandra,’ was initiated to retaliate, intimidate, discredit, and potentially eliminate Reade as a threat to President Biden.

The timing of this lawsuit, with its explicit claims of government interference and attempts to suppress Reade’s accusations, poses a significant challenge for the Biden administration. While Biden has consistently denied the sexual assault allegations, the lawsuit brings the issue back into the spotlight, potentially damaging his credibility and public image.

Tara Reade’s legal action against the Department of Justice injects new uncertainty into the ongoing narrative surrounding her accusations against Joe Biden. The lawsuit’s allegations of FBI surveillance and interference may fuel skepticism and further erode public trust, creating potential obstacles for the Biden administration as it navigates a tumultuous political landscape. As the legal proceedings unfold, the impact on Biden’s political standing remains uncertain, but the controversy surrounding these allegations is unlikely to dissipate in the near future.

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