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Fox News Pundit Repeatedly Cites Unfounded Polls



Sean Hannity was quick to take the lead for conservative spin doctors after a fiery Presidential Debate.

Hannity gloated over what appeared to be a “near-unanimous” declaration of a Trump victory by referencing online polls from Time magazine, Drudge Report, CNBC, The Hill, and CBS. However, he neglected uncover the method of how these online polls were conducted. These online surveys were only reflective of the internet users who chose to participate and could be easily manipulated by any organized group of people.

Even though the president of Fox New’s public-opinion research sent a memo to staff warning them to not reference these online polls, Hannity continued to use these surveys to bolster his defense of Donald Trump.

Slamming the contradicting CNN poll (scientifically conducted) as fulfilling it’s role as the “Clinton News Network,” Hannity had only briefly noted the “unscientific” nature of the online surveys in a small blurb on his blog. But why blame Sean? Spreading and selling falsities is only the the norm these days – the best way to get an edge in the era of misinformed masses.

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