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Media Defends Justin Trudeau’s Dark Past



This week, photos of Canadian Prime Minister, super woke Justin Trudeau wearing black face.

The baby faced feminist quickly launched a typical liberal apology tour with a well-rehearsed expression of his regret and, of course, the declaration that we ALL need to reflect on our sins. (Even if ours don’t include wearing black face?)

The media ate it up. What would’ve been weeks of controversy for a right wing politician simmered down to a few tweets and a lot of liberal forgiveness.

But then… MORE photos surfaced. It turns out Justin did this whole black face thing more than once! We know now there are at least THREE occasions that he donned the offensive makeup, though Justin himself says he cannot be sure about how many times he did it.

Who’s counting, right?

Certainly not the media.

Where the headline could easily read JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S RACIST PAST, publications like the Daily Beast are taking this kinder approach.

We’ve seen harder hitting headlines written about kids who wear red hats.