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Climate Change Politics Are Racist and Unamerican



Greta and her all white girl friends (Markus Schreiber / AP) 

Climate change is a scientific concept that explains the condition of planet earth that has resulted in overall planet warming and more extreme weather events. The cause accepted by many in the global climate science community (the most respected of which are meteorologists, oceanographers, climatologists, and ecologists – not liberal arts majors with a strong opinions) is said to be an increased presence of carbon in the atmosphere. The increase in carbon, they say, can directly correlated to the industrialization of human civilization. 

Climate Change as a political tool is inherently racist. It is by no coincidence that the most popular Climate Change “solutions” are exactly the same as the sociological, economic and cultural “solutions” that have been offered by socialists for the better part of the last 100 years. Somehow the best way to reduce carbon is exactly the same best way to destroy capitalism which is by centralizing wealth and resources, restricting private property ownership, limiting freedom of travel and taking away the fundamental human right of agency. Crazy how perfectly that all fits. 

The socialist bastians of climate change politics are all countries made up of what I would call “very white” people and who only allow immigration in a way that never allows any brown people to mix with any white people. Nations in the Nordic territory of the EU are always fast to adopt Climate policy positions and they are just as fast to deport brown skinned visa holders without cause. The policies put forward by the major players of the Paris Agreement (excluding China who does nothing) would all more adversely impact individuals of color than white individuals – on a global scale. Wealthier nations with high populations of white people like Germany, France, the United States and the aforementioned Nordic block all have the resources to pay into research funds, implement new policies (failures or otherwise), and find new ways to produce. The third world does not have the resources to comply with climate agreements – so either they are left out of climate discussions entirely or they are forced to feel the impact of the supply chain as prices raise and trade becomes more difficult. 

Australian climate protest full of white people (CNN)

Even those countries with resources face penalizing those in their country who are the most vulnerable -primarily minorities – with all of their proposed solutions. In America – a carbon tax would not harm the wealthy as much as the poor. Not only because wealthier people have an easier time affording taxation (and avoiding it) but also industries who rely more heavily on fuel than other industries (and would therefore face a higher tax) employ more minorities than their counterparts (farming, construction, landscaping, labor). Banning air travel and cars in preference for trains would make already difficult journeys to work even more difficult for those who cannot afford to live next door to the train stations (train stops are proven to increase property value – and if you eliminated cars – it would exaggerate this effect. Additionally it is proven that the gas tax impacts poorer families more than wealthy because of commute distance which proves that poorer individuals are driving more than wealthier). 

What’s so funny about all of it is that its very obvious that Climate Change (in political terms) is for white people that even liberals are starting to get squirmy about it. Look at the climate rallies across America for example – as white as Charlottesville by tiki-torch light. Now the liberal media is trying to claim we only THINK Climate Change is white supremacy because of how racist media (so them) just doesn’t cover brown activists.

But the reason the media doesn’t cover brown activists (where they do exist such as primarily in wealthy american cities near universities), is because the nature of Climate Change propaganda is rooted in northern european socialism. It requires promulgating their idea of perfection (to be clear their idea, not mine). And that image is lily white, blonde braided hair, delicate white porcelain skin: Greta Thunberg. Greta was recently photographed with her all white girl crew frowning at the camera trying to save the planet from its capitalist oppressors – only whoopsie – there was actually a single African teenager also trying to participate in the global trendy issue dejour. The media chose to crop her out of the photo.

The real picture of Greta and her at least one multi-racial friends (Markus Schreiber / AP)

The final proof of the racism built into Climate Change politics are that the policies espoused by these primarily white activists are scientifically proven to be totally ineffective. Peer reviewed studies published by Nature magazine, MIT, and several other respected scientific journals prove that their proposed initiatives would not change the climate trajectory more than doing absolutely nothing. Ironically those same studies prove that intense buy in to capitalism – of which the natural economic cycle includes innovation – would inherently lead to significant reduction in carbon emissions and the slowing of Climate Change. 

Make alternatives cheaper, and invent new alternatives. Not only would that make clean energy fair and affordable for all classes of people but it would save the planet for real. The American dream itself could lead us to a cleaner, safer, future simply by affording the most equal opportunity on the planet to everyone of every background. We don’t know where the world saving idea will come from except we can guess it will come from a laboratory not a committee meeting or a rally.