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NPR Caught RED Handed, Says “Chinese Communists Did ‘Spectacular Job’



Earlier today, the Washington Free Beacon reported an astounding moment on NPR’s Morning Edition, where reporter Ailsa Chang credited communism for the “spectacular” progress China has made in recent decades.

“It’s a party that promised to lift people out of poverty, which truth be told, it has done a spectacular job of, in fact it’s lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, but at the same time, income inequalities have intensified in the last few decades,” Chang said, reporting from Beijing for the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule.

She went on to say “we spent some time with migrant workers who had moved to Beijing 30 years ago from the countryside. And these are guys who work seven days a week, 10 hours a day, and yet they still say their lives are hundreds, even thousands, of times better than their parents’ lives. Those are their exact words.

And that gets to one of the party’s central promises, which is if you work hard and you trust us, we will make your life better. And we found that that message actually resonates with people from totally different backgrounds here.”

Alisa went on to indulge Chinese criticism of President Trump’s decision making, but not once did she question Chinese leadership or whether or not the migrants she interviewed might have spoken in favor of communist party rule out of fear.

I guess this pro-China narrative makes sense if you accept that reporters not only abstain from researching the subjects of their reporting, but reject research in all forms, including the basic studies on China that they probably covered in highschool when Alisa wasn’t listening.