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Tucker Carlson Takes On CNN: “That’s Not Journalism”



Shots fired on Monday’s Tucker Carlson tonight. Tucker Carlson took aim at CNN’s “neverending shilling for the ruling class” as he shared the news of the latest expose from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

Before introducing the damning recordings, Tucker details CNN’s hard turn Left since the start of Jeff Zucker’s rein.

Now the O’Keefe videos, according to Carlson, provide proof of the “clearly partisan objectives” we’ve all suspected: Jeff Zucker and his CNN minions have made a concerted effort to focus on narratives that negatively affects President Trump and the conservative movement, even if the facts don’t support the story.

Just do what Jeff Zucker says, whether it’s true or not,” Carlson said. “That’s not journalism of course, that’s the definition of state media. Relentless cheerleading. Relentless never-ending shilling for the ruling class.”

Tucker ends the segment with a tough reminder for the partisan reporters in Washington.

“America doesn’t love it. They don’t watch it. But everyone in Washington loves Jeff Zucker. And that’s not surprising.”