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3 Stories That Prove ABC Doesn’t Have Editorial Standards



In a video released by Project Veritas, ABC anchor Amy Robach, reveals that the network buried an interview with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims more than three years ago.

The footage captured on a hot mic caused quite the stir, and ABC was quick to respond, saying that the interview was NOT held back because of political pressure, but because the interview itself “didn’t meet our standards.”

Here are three things that somehow DID meet ABC’s strict journalistic standards, just recently.

1. This one about totally real witches placing a legit hex on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

2. The time that they claimed to be airing footage of a war zone in Syria, when it was actually video from a gun range in Kentucky.


3. When they pretended they didn’t allow Hunter Biden to pre-approve the questions asked in one of history’s fluffiest interviews surrounding his shady business in Ukraine.