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Impeachment: The Articles Article



House Democrats, in an apparent effort to overthrow the American republic, introduced two articles of impeachment on President Trump based on their recent hearings in the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. Free Press Fail has covered the hearings from start to conclusion and frankly they seemed more like a two-act farce than a Congressional action. 

The embarrassing lack of evidence, decorum, knowledge of procedure and the law, objectivity or respect for the integrity of the American election system has not stopped Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her goonies (no weaker chinned have henchmen ever been) Chairman Adam Schiff and Chairman Jerry Nadler from introducing their articles of impeachment. You can read their formal articles here through the Associated Press’s coverage. 

Source: National Review

The House Democrats are charging the President with “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” based on the single phone call to the Ukraine of which the transcripts have been made completely public. 

The articles of impeachment are only nine pages long and detail no information which proves any illegal activity beyond the comedy of errors which was their impeachment proceedings. The democrats who have been given shared power to run our nation care so little about something as severe as removing a fairly elected president that they could not bother to write more in their articles than they do in their pathetic biographies.

The first article reiterates the liberal talking points heard over the last two weeks that President Trump asked for a personal favor from the Prime Minister of Ukraine in exchange for US financial and military support. It states this request was made even more sinister because it was related to Vice President Biden who was already running for President (hard to catch this man NOT running for office at this point) against President Trump at the time of the request. 

The second article of impeachment, “obstruction of Congress,” is based on the fact that the White House would not participate in being publicly harassed by political shills sitting in Congressional chambers. The articles claim that the White House had no legal basis for ignoring the Congressionally issued subpoena’s despite the fact that the White House lawyers provided their legal reasoning for failure to comply. In fact, the left’s own darling, Hillary Clinton (as well as countless others), failed to appear before Congressional subpoena herself using her own set of legal arguments. 

Unfortunately for Speaker Pelosi and her political operatives who masterminded this entire operation – America read the transcripts. America knows that President Trump was asking the Prime Minister of Ukraine to seek justice and let justice fall where it may. America knows that the U.S. never withheld funding from the Ukraine. America knows that Joe Biden himself publicly and on record admitted to soliciting a quid-pro-quo when he was Vice President of the United States. So America knows that President Trump asking for the Ukranian government to investigate those comments would not require any knowledge not already available to the public. 

Pelosi and the democrats are counting on Americans to be ignorant. They are counting on the fact that perhaps no one will read or understand the articles of impeachment. She was hoping perhaps people might think there is more than one phone call, the transcripts of which we have already read. 

But America does know. And these articles prove how far the democrats are willing to go to seize power when it is not given willfully. The main-stream media may try and keep America in the dark. But the truth of their betrayal is in their own hands. When the democrats cast their impeachment vote this week, Americans will know for sure who are the real traitors to this nation.

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