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The Four Horsemen of Impeachment



In the shadow of the great betrayal of House democrats to the American people through their issuing of impeachment articles on President Trump – I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the four main players in this dark hour of American history. Championing themselves as purveyors of truth and justice, the democrats who are responsible for the impeachment articles have interests of their own. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Age: 79

Source: Houston Chronicle

Nancy Pelosi may imagine herself cloaked in white, but she has committed acts far more likely to be deemed criminal or unethical than any phone call made by President Trump. According to Investor’s Business Daily, in 2010 and 2011, a staff member from Pelosi’s office left Capitol Hill to work for credit card giant, Visa. No sooner than the staffer got through his orientation at Visa did Pelosi prevent a “swipe fee” piece of legislation (which could have cost Visa millions but save small businesses by a similar degree) from reaching the House floor for a vote. 

It turns out that Visa, a San Francisco based company, was about to go out for a public offering and the bill would have hurt their stock value significantly. Not only did Pelosi prevent their stock price tank, but she bought VIP shares of the stock $44 a share. The value soarded to $64/share during the delay of the legislation. With her 5,000 shares, thats about a $5 million financial windfall for Pelosi not to mention the significant campaign contributions made by Visa senior leadership to her re-election. 

This is just one of many examples of times Nancy Pelosi committed acts more likely to be considered “abuse of power” than a phone call to Ukraine.

Congressman Adam Schiff
Age: 59

Source: Fox News

Chairman Schiff might believe he is the savior of a fallen nation, but according to a report by Fox News (the only media outlet to cover this scandal whatsoever), in 2013 Rep. Schiff made friends with a Soviet born, Ukrainian defense contracting, US citizen named Igor Pasternak. Pasternak hosted a fundraiser for Schiff and afterwards the Congressman seemed to take a dramatically pro-Ukrainian position advocating not only for humanitarian aid dollars but staunchly for military spending dollars. Military aid of any kind would likely of benefitted Pasternak who in 2017 detailed his work creating Ukrainain rifles and who has both United States and Ukranian defense contracts. While the connection between Pasternak, Schiff and Ukraine are unclear – their connection is certainly enough to impeach a President according to Schiff’s set standards where an accusation is enough to convict. I wonder what we would find if he made his phone transcripts with Mr. Pasternak public?

Congressman Jerry Nadler
Age: 72

Chairman Nadler is not particularly well thought of by his colleagues or Washington insiders according to the Independent. Known as bumbling and unfamiliar with the procedures he is tasked with upholding, Nadler is a hero only truly in his own mind. Its the worst kept secret in Washington that Chairman Schiff was given initial jurisdiction over impeachment (despite traditional jurisdiction resting solely in House and Senate judiciary), because even democrats knew that Nadler would screw it up. But being a incompetent isn’t exactly “obstruction of Congress.” However, Chairman Nadler in 1998 sitting on the same committee he is the Chairman of today (20 years later and he still doesn’t know the rules) opposed releasing the famous Starr report which contained the evidence which supported the criminal condemnation of President Clinton. According to the Washington Examiner and a video posted in their article, Nadler complained that then President Clinton was not allowed advance screening of the report at the very least before the American people. This all is in direct contrast to his behavior regarding the Mueller report which is the foundation on which he wrote the second article of President Trump’s impeachment. According the Nadler himself – his own desires in 1998 would constitute an obstruction of Congress and would be impeachable.

Vice President “Uncle” Joe Biden
Age: 77

Source: National Review

Vice President Joe Biden is the subject of the Ukraine call and himself a strong supporter of impeachment. According to himself and the other three horsemen, President Trump committed the impeachable offense of “abuse of power” by asking the Ukranian government to investigate his and his son’s involvement in the Burisma Holdings scandal in exchange for U.S. financial assistance. This claim is blanketly untrue per the public transcripts of the single phone call in question.

But lets review the abuse of power of power committed by and admitted to by Vice President Joe Biden himself. Burisma Holdings was under investigation in Ukraine for tax evasion and other legal problems. At that time in 2014, Burisma added Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden to their board and he received upwards of $50,000 per month for his legal and operation advice to the company. The Ukranian version of Attorney General, Viktor Shokin, was in charge of the investigation against Burisma Holdings and was taking his work very seriously. However in 2015, shortly after Hunter Biden joined the board, Vice President Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if they did not fire Shokin. This action was a direct, verbatim, quid-pro-quo. And it was on video.

Vice President Biden who is spending millions of dollars trying to convince the American people that he is worthy to be president has already committed an impeachable offense as defined by himself and his own allies. Not to mention the laundry list of other claims against Biden such as inappropriate behavior toward women and total fabrication of life events. 

All together these individuals make up the four horsemen of the impeachment. The average race between them is white. The average age between them is 71. And they have all committed at least one act which would by their own standards be worthy of impeachment. 

And yet they make up the clear and central heart of the democratic party. Not quite the diverse and justice seeking party the main-stream media would have you believe.  As they usher in a new era of using impeachment as a political weapon, our nation is at the greatest risk it has ever been.