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John Bolton The Latest Mean Girl To Release An Anti-Trump “Burn Book”



There is nothing establishment politicians are more apt to do these days than embed themselves into the Trump administration only to find that their deeply held belief that they are kingmakers and puppet masters was to be swiftly disproven. President Donald Trump has proven himself to be the most independent thinking leader in this country since President Reagan (and even then – the genius of Nancy Reagan was influential on the President’s decision making) and these ego-inflated blowhards simply cannot handle it. So what do they do after it’s clear they cannot manipulate the president to their own self-interest and very likely the interests of their wealthy friends? They write an intolerably boring book that millions of Americans buy and read just enough so they can gossip about it before returning to their John Grishm or whatever is on Reese Witherspoon’s book list that month.

The establishment in this case isn’t classified by party. The DC elite that fancies themselves the deal brokers of the nation are so embedded in their own egos and the special interests of the friends they have drinks with at Capital Grille that their party is no more distinguishable than their jaw line (which is to say – not at all). These glad-handing slime balls are all the same. Mainly male (but not exclusively), the establishment club all pride themselves on the dying traditions of their forefathers. They all go to Shelly’s for cigars. They all wear searsucker on Wednesdays (or Thursdays I don’t actually care enough to be sure). They all go to baseball games in full suits after work even though it would be very easy to change into appropriate clothes at the office before heading over. They don’t like tattoos. They date and marry far below their age bracket. And they all think that they are master manipulators of the political system. In the age of President Trump – there is no class of person more pathetic to behold (except to be fair – they usually have plenty of money).

Imagery of the book Burn Book from 2004’s Mean Girls) 

Since President Trump took office in 2017 – there have been a series of burn books (a term coined first by the book Burn Book written by James Hunt then the 2004 film Mean Girls meaning a book of mainly unfounded insults written in petty anger) written by petulant employees upset that their political authority was not adhered to by their boss and the person the people of the United States actually elected. A quick refresh on the ones most hotly discussed: 

  • Unhinged, Omarosa Manigault Newman
    • Omarosa was fired from the White House
  • A Warning – Anonymous administration official 
    • The author could be literally anyone
  • Fire and Fury – Michael Wolf
    • Written by a journalist – heavily featuring fired officials
  • A Higher Loyalty – James Comey
    • Possibly the creme de la creme of burn books considering he openly admits he believes he is ordained by God to hold a position of power – yikes
  • The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump – Andrew McCabe
    • McCabe almost certainly defrauded a federal judge and got fired 
(James Comey – believes God ordained him to be leader of FBI, Time)

And now we are blessed with John Bolton’s upcoming bestseller. The leftist media was quick to disseminate “leaked” manuscripts which match key phrases in the amazon pre-sale description in order to boost sales. The left media is already making wild claims along with lead democrat delusionalist, Rep. Adam Schiff, that Bolton’s book will somehow blow away President Trump’s credibility and seal his fate in the Senate impeachment consideration. If this information was so important to American democracy that it would determine the outcome of an impeachment – why would Bolton ask Americans to pay for it rather than simply go to the press with it or testify in Congress? 

The characters in Mean Girls who believe the stories in the burn book are all teenagers who believe what they want to believe to fill their empty lives. This is not unlike any feeble minded reader who would be so desperate to validate their hatred of President Trump that they would believe anything coming out of a book released in such perfect timing to make the author the most money possible following his recent canning by the subject of said book. There is maybe, just maybe, going to be a little bit of subjective bias. 

To be fair – I haven’t read it yet. I don’t plan to read it. It’s the principle of granting credibility to these self-serving diatribes which is under indictment in my esteem. The book itself might be perfectly fine reading. I will thankfully never know. 

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