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Is Twitter Covertly Suppressing Conservative Voices?



It’s such a sad affair between Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and conservatives. The latter have long voiced the quiet suppression via Twitter.

And there’s fresh evidence that they were right as Twitter suspends accounts for posting parody Biden campaign images like this one.

President Donald J.  Trump had earlier complained about Joe Biden, his rival, getting a “free pass” from the press. Conservatives have, however, taken their disappointment to Twitter. One asked.” …does that mean they will suspend the thousands of accounts which have been posting parody Trump and MAGA images for the past four years?”

Another conservative ragged over his banned Twitter handle, “I lost my 13 year account for no reason. It is disabled with no recourse. It is a form of tyranny we’ve never seen before. The 2016 election season was almost as bad. I suffered many bans for nothing. I got banned for 30 days for a “nude” picture of a dog and his bones.”

Another Twitter user slammed the platform, saying “Twitter has always been an enemy of free speech. They have been a left-wing echo chamber for years, which is why I am here- to 1/ break the monotony 2/ hopefully red pill some of em.”

On another note, Gary Coby, Director of Digital Advertising and Fundraising for the Donald Trump campaign, expounded on how Twitter shut down the deals they had made an advertising campaign on Twitter, in a blog post.

Of course, this is all as Twitter has hazily defined changing users’ tweets without their permission. 

Safe to say this battle is only going to get worse as the campaign cycle continues.

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