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BREAKING… on General Michael Flynn



On Wednesday morning, a federal appeals court handed down a major victory to General Michael Flynn by dismissing all federal charges against him. 

General Flynn, who served as a foreign policy aid to President Trump, became a major target of James Comey’s corrupt FBI in the beginning of the Russia witch hunt. Documents released earlier this year proved a conspiracy by government officials to entrap Flynn and force a charge.

The mainstream media could not be less thrilled with the news. Politico even went as far as claiming Flynn’s lawyers “strong armed” the judges into dismissal. (I guess that’s what we call it now when judges are encouraged to drop charges based on total lack of evidence?)

 Despite this clear ruling, the media remains committed to the fake news assertion that General Flynn is a traitor who somehow colluded with Russia. Or Ukraine. Or anyone else who sounds scary enough to discredit Trump.

At this point, there’s only one thing to say about their delusional devotion to their own lies: SAD!