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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Claims Trump Rally Will ‘Kill Senior Citizens’



On Thursday morning, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on yet another tirade against President Donald Trump, this time for his decision to hold rallies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Scarborough predicted Trump’s rallies – which he referred to as a “super spreader events” – in Tulsa and events in Arizona, will “kill senior citizens” just so Trump can “spread conspiracy theories about American democracy” and share “racist ramblings.”

Just check out the video below.

“Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and some other Republicans who can no longer look at these super spreader events that Donald Trump is forcing people to put in place in Arizona, in Tulsa, in any area that kills. It will kill senior citizens,” Scarborough ranted. “Arizona’s senior citizens — their lives just got a lot more complicated after the super spreader event that Donald Trump pushed in Arizona, so he could do what? So he could spread conspiracy theories about American democracy. And so he could say racist ramblings meant to inspire his 35%.”

It seems Joe’s frustration may be misplaced considering that the attendees of the rallies attend 100% voluntarily and fully aware of the risks. He just can’t bring himself to admit people WANT to go see President Trump speak!

Scarborough later concluded that Trump’s events were hurting his approval ratings and falsely stated that “his support continues to drop to historic lows for any incumbent running for reelection.”

Give it a rest, Joe.

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