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Rachel Maddow FAIL: Predicts ‘Absolutely Terrible’ Job Numbers The Day Before Report Proves EPIC 4.8 Million Jobs Added



Economists predicted we’d gain 2.9 million jobs and end up somewhere around 12.5% unemployment rate for June.

But the recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows unexpected growth.

4.8 million new jobs were added to the economy and the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1% – a great sign for President Trump’s Great American Comeback!

While most Americans are celebrating this good news, Rachel Maddow is probably crying.

The liberal host of some show on MSNBC that apparently people still watch has been rooting for an economic disaster all year.

Just one night before the June jobs report was released, she predicted “absolutely terrible” job numbers.

Sorry to disappoint you, Rachel. You can go ahead and add this to the huge list of epic failures. 

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