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BREAKING: Twitter Censors Breitbart Video Of Doctors’ Comments On Coronavirus



On Monday, Breitbart News hosted a livestream on Twitter to bring attention to a Washington, D.C. press conference hosted by America’s Frontline Doctors.

The event, sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, was meant to share the views of healthcare professionals and members of Congress on the Coronavirus pandemic and potential treatments for the virus that is currently enemy number one for… everyone who wants to avoid getting ill, losing their job, or idk, wants their family members to be able to receive cancer treatment in the next year.

Breitbart employed Twitter’s livestream platform, Periscope, to host the event and it was extremely successful. The video generated 17 million views within 8 hours!

But then the video was removed.

Why? Well, you could guess. The thought police did not really appreciate the free-thought happening at the event they couldn’t control, like they control every doctor on mainstream media right now.

A spokesman – spokeswoman? I won’t gender xim – told the Washington Post that “Tweets with the video are in violation of our covid-19 misinformation policy.”

Of course, this is the same excuse Twitter used when they removed multiple posts from President Donald Trump’s account sharing the video and statements from the doctors at the press conference.

Their comments were far from radical – they simply expressed support for hydroxychloroquine treatment and spoke about options for opening up our economy, without making people sick.

This type of censorship is yet an attack on free speech. And frankly, it’s concerning how this has progressed. What used to be a censorship of political foes has progressed into a full blown attack on anyone whose opinion may vary from the liberal elite in Silicon Valley.

Even if the opinion is that of a medical professional – it can be deemed UNWORTHY by the mob who would rather see our country suffer, our people out of work, and our citizens living in fear.

It’s unAmerican. And I promise to retweet every single clip from that conference that Twitter hasn’t blocked from the platform yet. So if you’ve got them, send them my way – my handle is @CorinneC.