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The Kamala Harris Censorship Team Is Hard At Work Already, NBA Photographer Fired This Weekend



We already know Kamala Harris has Twitter censorship on lock, but the silencing of the opposition doesn’t end on social media media platform.

Over the weekend, news broke that the NBA has fired a longtime photographer for sharing a meme they deemed “offensive” because it criticized Kamala Harris.

Bill Baptist, who had worked with the Houston Rockets for over thirty years, posted an image that imitated the Joe Biden logo that read, “Joe and the Hoe.”

He immediately came under fire, first by former WNBA star Sheryl Swopes, who first suggested that “he needs to GO!!!” in a post on Facebook.

Instead of standing for free speech and the diversity of opinion, the NBA caved to the angry mob IMMEDIATELY.

In a statement released shortly after the initial criticism began, the NBA announced they had cut ties, saying “the photographer is an independent contractor and his services are no longer being used.”

Bill Baptist admitted his regret in posting the seemingly harmless meme, saying “it was a horrible mistake on my part.”

Perhaps is more horrible mistake was apologizing to self-righteous liberals who would have someone fired for expressing their viewpoint.

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