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President Trump Goes After Tech Giants For Their Blatant Censorship Of Conservatives



Over the past few years, big tech has made it clear they do not stand with Republicans.

From shadowbans to outright bans, to blatant censorship, both Facebook and Twitter have played a huge role in silencing conservative messages and promoting the liberal agenda.

And President Trump has had enough!

On Black Friday, the president tweeted “for purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!”

As you may know, Section 230 provides immunity for website publishers from third-party content. However, this protection was meant for NEUTRAL publishers, not those who are making constant editorial decisions and censoring conservatives.

Trump administration hits back at US social media giants: Report | US &  Canada News | Al Jazeera

President Trump’s tweet is a direct threat to the biased social media giants who have played a major role in censoring our access to information and banning anyone who presents an alternative to their liberal narrative.

If it is repealed, it will mean big changes for Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

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