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BREAKING: Dr. Fauci Probably Helped Create COVID-19 And Rand Paul Isn’t Letting Him Get Away With It



Dr. Fauci has come under fire recently for the United States investment in gain and function research in Wuhan that could have lead to the creation of COVID-19.

Fauci has repeatedly denied his involvement but the facts are stacking up against him.

On Tuesday, at a Senate hearing, Senator (and Doctor!) Rand Paul grilled Fauci and the media’s favorite “expert” could hardly react with more than a nervous laugh.


Over the past few weeks, Republicans in Congress have been demanding the Biden administration provide details on everything the government knows about the origins of the virus.

Many are pointing their fingers at Dr. Anthony Fauci personally for his support for U.S. funding going to Wuhan labs through a series of grants that were allocated first through the NIH but then reallocated through a grantee to fund the gain and function research that lead to the creation of viruses like COVID-19.

As the video testimony shows, Dr. Fauci is walking back his involvement as much as possible…

But with Senators like Rand Paul holding his feet to the fire, it’s unclear how long he’ll be able to maintain his innocence.