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BREAKING: President Trump Puts Democrats On Blast In New Speech



Over the weekend, President Trump gave a speech at North Carolina’s GOP convention.

And he he came out swinging.

Trump called out Biden and the Democrats as “the most radical left-wing administration in history” and listed their many failures, including destroying “the greatest economy in the history of the world.”

“All Joe Biden had to do was sit back and do nothing. It was taking off like a rocket ship nobody’s ever seen,” Trump told a friendly crowd. “Instead, the economy is going to hell, and inflation is going to cause a catastrophe in the near future.”

Then he got more specific, going after the infrastructure bill.

“They’re also pushing a $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill. That’s not infrastructure. It’s the kind of things you don’t want. Nine percent looks like it might be infrastructure, but mostly it’s not infrastructure at all,” he said.

The president then took aim at cancel culture, defunding the police, election reform, and critical race theory. He called on Republicans everywhere to act.

“Republicans at every level should move immediately to ban critical race theory in our schools,” Trump said. “We should ban it in workplaces, we should ban it in our states, and we should ban it in the federal government.”

The former president ended the speech on a fiery, but serious note, saying “We know the radical left will stop at nothing in their efforts to destroy the America we love.”

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